The Magic Midsummer!


In Scandinavia we have the very old ( 500 - 1000 years?) tradition of celebrating the Midsummer. It is the longest day of the year and the feast might be more important than the x-mas and the New Year celebrations. Weather permitting the feast is held outdoors. It is about flowers, leaves, dancing, eating, singing and love.

An old myth says that if a maiden picks seven different species of flowers in the middle of the midsummer night and climbs over 9 fences and then goes home and put the flowers under her pillow, all this done in total silence, she will that night dream of the man she will marry.

Briz is going to test the truthfulness of this myth tonight.

Have a Magic Midsummer!

A British view of the Swedish midsummer feast can be found here!

Text: © Torsti Mäkinen