Briz long jump

During this years first mountain trip Briz soon fired up her steam boiler to maximum pressure. When she saw that Maud was ready with her camera she opened her steam throttle fully and decided to make the longest jump a dog has made on this side of the mountain ridge towards Norway. Let the following pictures speak for themselves and admire her agility in dead silence!

Notice the concentration and determination in Briz eyes and facial expression.
She knows the challange she is going to face.

Wow! You never thought I would make it, did you? That was only 4 inches short of the world record. Not bad from an 8 year old bitch though. I guess I could have made well in the Olympics in Beijing!

Now that you have seen that I can make it, do you want to see me do it again?

© Text Torsti Mäkinen & photo Maud Matsson